Saturday, June 14, 2008

PSP Tutorials with my kits

These are all tags made from Tutorials using one of my scarp kits

This is the first tut written using my Tuscany sunrise kit

By Kelli

Tut writen by Kelli of Kellis PSP Playland

using my Pink flowers scrap kit called

Beautiful in Pink

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My very own blog

For the past 4 years i have been creating signature tags with psp useing other artists tubes ptu and ftu But I have always wanted to make my own tubes.
one day I stumbled on to a tut sight that taught how to make tubes from scratch and I was hooked. I learned that the first P in PSP stands for paint, I started out small and worked my way up to painting my own using pictures as models. One day my very best friend Dingy Gale told me that I had talent and should share my creations. It took a lot of persuading on her part to get me to finally agree to sharing them with a very few people and they in turn told me how talented they thought I was. well to make a long ramble short.
Another dear friend Lippy asked if she could put some of my work in a scrap store to prove to me that they were worth selling. again it took lots of encouragement from my close friends to convince me but after they twisted both my arms I finally caved and let Lippy put some of my creations in a store and to my surprise some one bought them.
and now I am here in my own blog spot with my awesome friends behind me, showing off my creations .
Pheeeeeeew talk about long winded
I make all my stuff in Paint Shop Pro (PSP) so the images can also be used as tubes
I am not so good at people but I am gonna keep on trying until I get it right I hope you find something you like. Every thing I show off in here can be purchased at our store
under Babzy's Boutique
and don't forget to have a look at all the other awesome designers work too there is something for every one in there

happy scrappin
hugs Babzy